Apr 16
Cincinnati Reds beat Milwaukee Brewers Aug 30 (PP)
Los Angeles Dodgers beat San Diego Padres Apr 14
Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Guardians Apr 15
Baltimore Orioles beat Minnesota Twins Apr 15
Detroit Tigers beat Texas Rangers Apr 15
Miami Marlins beat San Francisco Giants Apr 15
Philadelphia Phillies beat Colorado Rockies Apr 15
Tampa Bay Rays beat Los Angeles Angels Apr 15
Toronto Blue Jays beat New York Yankees Apr 15
New York Mets beat Pittsburgh Pirates Apr 15
Chicago White Sox beat Kansas City Royals Apr 15
Milwaukee Brewers beat San Diego Padres Apr 15
Houston Astros beat Atlanta Braves Apr 15
Arizona Diamondbacks beat Chicago Cubs Apr 15
Oakland Athletics beat St. Louis Cardinals Apr 15
Seattle Mariners beat Cincinnati Reds Apr 15
Los Angeles Dodgers beat Washington Nationals Apr 15

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  • Mods can resolve games.

  • Each game is resolved independent of the others.

  • Resolves YES or NO .

  • If postponed the date of game will be changed, "(PP)" included and a link provided in this description so you can learn more.

  • Baseball games don't tie. Extra innings are to the death.

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Postponed Games

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Tigers v twins 2 games today. Which if either is the postponed game?

Same question for Yankee v Guardians

sold Ṁ277 Cleveland Guardians ... NO

Betting seems to indicate people think pp game is game 1.

@ChristopherRandles Both early games 11am and 12pm CST with (PP) are postponed games from Apr 11/12. The other games are the games that were already planned. I added the times to the later games. Does this make it more clear?

Is this market frozen right now or is it just me?

@ChrisSnyder Yes, it’s not just you I don’t know what’s going on

@door Apparently he locked it for an hour when the games started so that you couldn’t bet during the games, which I don’t really like tbh.

@door Sorry about that it closed.cause the close time was set to 9pm cst. A bunch of stuff was changed and announced on discord so I've been distracted. We can no longer bet higher than 99% or lower than 1% and several other things are coming in the future. My bad guys. @ChrisSnyder

bought Ṁ20 Oakland Athletics be... YES

@KeenenW Nah your good much appreciated for fixing it and managing the thread 🙏

@KeenenW All good, and thank you!

@Agh I see you resolved my other problem, thanks. Could you N/A the option called, "N/Aing" when you get a chance? It's giving me an error and the game was postponed.

@KeenenW I'm getting the same error if I try to resolve it 🤷‍♂️

I asked in discord

@jacksonpolack thanks Mr. Polack that got fixed quick


Will I get my mana back for this, or wait until September?

@Yoae Yeah I was getting an error when i tried to resolve it and the game was postponed. I pinged a mod they should be able to N/A it. Sorry about the trouble

Los Angeles Angels beat Tampa Bay Rays Apr 9

Contrarian payout! Woo hoo!

Colorado Rockies beat Arizona Diamondbacks Apr 8
bought Ṁ4,000 Colorado Rockies bea... YES
Texas Rangers beat Houston Astros Apr 8

St. Louis Cardinals beat Philadelphia Phillies Apr 8
New York Yankees beat Miami Marlins Apr 8
Chicago Cubs beat Los Angeles Dodgers Apr 7

Los Angeles Angels beat Boston Red Sox Apr 7

San Francisco Giants beat San Diego Padres Apr 7
sold Ṁ0 San Francisco Giants... NO

St. Louis Cardinals beat Miami Marlins Apr 7
bought Ṁ1,000 St. Louis Cardinals ... NO

Milwaukee Brewers beat Seattle Mariners Apr 6
bought Ṁ2,000 Milwaukee Brewers be... NO