Major League Baseball (MLB) ⚾Regular Season Matches
Jul 22
Chicago Cubs beat Arizona Diamondbacks 1:20pm July 19
Pittsburgh Pirates beat Philadelphia Phillies 5:40pm July 19
Washington Nationals beat Cincinnati Reds 5:45pm July 19
New York Yankees beat Tampa Bay Rays 6:05pm July 19
Toronto Blue Jays beat Detroit Tigers 6:07pm July 19
Cleveland Guardians beat San Diego Padres 6:10pm July 19
Miami Marlins beat New York Mets 6:10pm July 19
Atlanta Braves beat St. Louis Cardinals 6:20pm July 19
Texas Rangers beat Baltimore Orioles 7:05pm July 19
Kansas City Royals beat Chicago White Sox 7:10pm July 19
Colorado Rockies beat San Francisco Giants 7:40pm July 19
Oakland Athletics beat Los Angeles Angels 8:40pm July 19
Los Angeles Dodgers beat Boston Red Sox 9:10pm July 19
Seattle Mariners beat Houston Astros 9:10pm Jul 19
New York Yankees beat Tampa Bay Rays 12:05pm July 20
Toronto Blue Jays beat Detroit Tigers 2:07pm July 20
Oakland Athletics beat Los Angeles Angels 3:07pm July 20
Miami Marlins beat New York Mets 3:10pm July 20
Pittsburgh Pirates beat Philadelphia Phillies 5:40pm July 20
Washington Nationals beat Cincinnati Reds 5:45pm July 20

Trying new close time for a few days

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  • Times are CST

  • Mods can resolve games.

  • Each game is resolved independent of the others.

  • Resolves YES or NO .

  • If postponed the date of game will be changed, "(Postponed)" included and a link provided in this description so you can learn more.

  • Baseball games don't tie. Extra innings are to the death.

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@KeenenW Don't forget the second game between the Cards and Cubs tomorrow.

@mods N/A "Chicago White Sox beat Minnesota Twins 1:10pm July 10" please

I think there are a few completed July 2 games still listed that people have mistakenly bet on. I won't bet the other side and, if possible, a mod should reverse those trades.


Thank you for setting up today's contests. Unfortunately, I cannot place a position in this market but I can in others. Any ideas? Have I been blocked?

Nah I'd never block yall, any idea what happened? Was it just a bug or something?

Must of been a bug. Tried to place a position via the app. Couldn't. Tried via the website. Nothing. Tried a different market. Success! Came back. Still nothing. Waited a bit and tried again. It worked!

Is this currently the largest market on manifold? Most answers in one market?

If not now prob by the end of the season. There are still over 1000 baseball games left to be played

Note one from June 8th left unresolved: Angels 1 Astros 6 so resolves no

@mods I'm getting an error when I try to resolve

@KeenenW happening on other markets as well - working on it

@KeenenW try again and @ me to let me know how it goes?

@shankypanky Yep everything is working, thanks!

anything for today yet!?

@regconnolly Yeah sorry just got the games up

I never got the notification for the dodgers vs rockies resolution. "Keenen W resolved "... " to No" "You lost 100 M, but outperformed x others" Have you started to have issues with payout on such a large market?

@EstMtz Yeah it cost me 3,750 mana for the games yesterday. I got 3,246 mana back, if I don't close early I only get 375 mana back. The daily streak bonus covers one game and I get a bit of mana from trading fee. So on average I break even over multiple days.

@EstMtz Ah I think I misunderstood you. If you meant markets getting resolved and not showing in notifications. I am not sure if it's large markets only. There were 4 markets today I just found out were resolved on my balance log, but they never showed up in the notifications.

wait... how come you lose more money when you wait to close?

@Qoiuoiuoiu New trading. Markets don't actually cost mana. The mana used during creation is put up as the subsidy. If the market resolves Yes at 99% we lose 90% of the subsidy and the traders get it.

If I close before the games then traders have to predict instead of news trade. The markets they get right I lose a bit, but on the markets they get wrong I get that mana so it cuts even over several days/games.

bought Ṁ150 Answer #ca60v7ffvj NO

ohhhhhh yeah that makes sense

oh course if you're having trouble paying for this market as a basic you could always remake it as a mini so the subsidy costs are lower...?

the unique trader bonus removal is annoying. hard to make a profit making markets unless the market is super popular

question is closed?

@Qoiuoiuoiu Yeah I'm trying out a new close time to see how much it cost per day. Can't set each game to its own close time so I have to close the entire market.

@KeenenW What time will the market close? How many minutes before the first pitch of the first game? This could have an impact on positions as the starting pitchers may not be known

@emilio I've been closing as the first game is due to start except a couple days, not sure what the plan is going forward

@KeenenW Thank you! This is very reasonable. I completely understand

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