Will Manifold make Tips visible on comments again before May 2024?
May 2

There used to be a system where you could tip people mana for good comments, and it would show up on the comment how much it had been tipped, like with a Bounty.

I think this was good.

Currently you can tip people for their comments, but it just sends them a managram and does not publicly signal that the good comment was rewarded. So personally I think they should go back to showing how much each comment has been tipped.

I have many other more complicated suggestions for comment incentives, but I think this is an easy win. Staff has seemed to be in favor of the idea when I've brought it up, but I understand there's a lot of other stuff to do too.

Will this happen before May 1st?

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There needs to be a one-click option to tip comments directly. With one click, not 3 or 5.

The site is currently in an absolute crisis of undervaluing the comment section.

@Eliza I'm not dumb enough to bet Yes or No on this market.

@Eliza I look forward to tipping these comments visibly!

@Joshua Imagine the strength of the signal I could send by tipping you a few mana with a single click, and everyone reading could see it.

bought Ṁ10 NO

Over tipping is better than tipping over.