Suggest efficient ways to schedule our new Manifold Live Show!
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This is a bounty for a the Manifold Live Show that @NcyRocks and I are starting for the Manifold Community Fund!

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It seems we have a good amount of interest in the show, and I've DM-ed several people who've confirmed they're interested in being a guest. So right now my priority is to start scheduling something!

Of course, scheduling is difficult. People are busy and live in different time zones! Ideally we'd want to

  • Gather information about what times would work best for the manifold community as a whole.

  • Check with potential hosts about what days they can make it on the show.

  • Ideally find an overlap between two guests so we can have two on at once ideally, and we still have a guest if one of the two has to cancel/reschedule.

  • Pick a time, and announce it in a way that lets everyone know when the show will be.

If you have suggestions on the best ways to accomplish these goals, please submit them below and I'll award a bounty to the best ideas!

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P.S. you can either use a Calendly like thing, or now gmail also supports a scheduling functionality where everyone can submit their free times and you can see any conflicts and then plan events which ofc sync with the calender, or there is the good old fashioned like websites

All 3 should have automatic syncs between timezones too.


Some ideas:

You could have different markets close in different time zones, so everyone feels like they have something unique to them, even if they're in a less common time zone.

You probably already know this, but Discord has a feature that sets the time to everyone's local time in an announcement.

Prioritize time zones of new people to encourage them to stick around.

For figuring out when most users are available, are there demographic stats breaking down what countries users are in?