MANIFOLD'S CHOICE: Who do you think should be Person of the Year 2023? [Resolves Market]
resolved Dec 9
"The AI"
Sam Altman
Elon Musk
LK-99 authors
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Jimmy Carter
Taylor Swift
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Jimmy Apples
Annie Altman
Charles III
Artifical Intelligence
The Prognosticators
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@SirCryptomind If you contributed to this farce I’ll never forgive you.

@NicoDelon I voted Jimmy Carter. I may have been in DGG chat a couple of times but I only influenced maybe 7 Destiny votes by kindly reminding them about the Award.

@SirCryptomind If he wins by seven votes or less I’ll never forgive you. Why did you do this?

@NicoDelon All we can do is campaign for Jimmy 😂

Jimmy Carter GIF by GIPHY News

The poll is being manipulated

@ItsMe Yea, all those Altman votes. Unbelievable. 😂

@ItsMe DGGers have the right to vote for their guy but y'all are also welcome to fight dirty back if you want.

I voted Jimmy Carter. Can't change it now.

Jimmy Carter GIF by GIPHY News

If I had not already voted I’d hold my nose and vote Altman just to prevent that caricature of a bloviating sophomoric idiot from winning. Unless you can make Swift win, vote Altman.

I'll take a sufficiently lucrative bribe to stop linking this market to DGG btw

@dgga You deserve to be in the red. I hope you never get a bailout.

Anticipation Popcorn GIF

26-17 altman vs destiny... homies i know way more of you who have skin in the game want sam to win so get him to the finish line will ya

DGG'ers Are Coming

@SirCryptomind I'm going to barf

@NicoDelon You can barf a bit more, I made a market asking if he will just now 🤣

Thanks @dgga ; been trying to post in DGG chat, but dont want to spam there too much and get banned lol

oh no what's happening? it's horrible