Will Mark Zuckerberg be revealed to be an evil mud monster mage named "Dark Muckerberg" by the end of 2023?
closes 2024

This market resolves YES if, at any point in 2023, it is revealed to the public that Mark Zuckerberg is not a human, but rather, an evil mud monster who casts spells from a grimoire bound in the flesh of a human face (called "The Face Book"), and that his real name is Dark Muckerberg. Otherwise, it resolves NO.

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subject: Dark Muckerberg

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critic: Skeptic

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Fion avatar

When you say "revealed" does it also need to be true?

For example, I can reveal right now that the sky is green. Would something like that count? Or does it need to be proved beyond reasonable doubt or something?

JosephNoonan avatar
Joseph Noonanis predicting NO at 5%

@Fion Yeah, it has to be true. I don't think you can "reveal" something that isn't true. Then you are making things less known, not more known.

NicholasKross avatar
Nicholas Kross

What if the spells are good? Then the market resolve "NO"? (Nah probly not)

JosephNoonan avatar
Joseph Noonanis predicting NO at 4% (edited)

@NicholasKross Yeah, he has to be evil. I will use my best judgement to determine the morality of his spells.

JosephNoonan avatar
Joseph Noonan

Surely we will get a Dark Muckerberg believer eventually, right?

ScroogeMcDuck avatar
Scrooge McDuck

Sorry, had to maintain the CEO Criminality Markets group and drop this one. Nothing against meme markets though!

JosephNoonan avatar
Joseph Noonan

@Jotto999 That's okay, nothing wrong with wanting to keep a group more serious

JosephNoonan avatar
Joseph Noonan

He's here

NickAllen avatar
Nick Allen

Now if you'd said "cyborg"...

42irrationalist avatar
42irrationalistbought Ṁ30 of NO

Does not feel all that likely to me if I am being honest

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