What would you do for an extra hour in the Manifest ball pit?
closes Oct 8
All of the above
Claim your territory by peeing in it
Agree to join the Manifest orgy
Manipulate Markets with people IRL
Bet on the ball pit market


The responses will be put into a survey, and I will resolve to the most popular answer. I will likely have other questions in the survey as well, similar to Pat's Manifold Survey. The close date may change, since I'm not currently sure when I will run the survey.

If multiple answers are tied, I'll resolve to them equally. It doesn't matter if there is actually a ball pit at Manifest or not, this won't resolve N/A unless I don't end up doing the survey.

See Plasma's Manifold Survey for other questions about the survey.

Edit: The survey is officially out! You can take it here: https://forms.gle/xZqWVxuY5irgLigu9

That also means new responses to this market won't be considered.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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JosephNoonan avatarPlasma Ballin'
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Shelvacu avatarSexyvacu
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StrayClimb avatarCalvinball
16% chance
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JosephNoonan avatar
Plasma Ballin'

The survey is now out. That means no more responses will be accepted for free response questions.

JosephNoonan avatar
Plasma Ballin'bought Ṁ10 of All of the above YES

@Shelvacu Clever way to capture all the other answers. I can't believe I didn't think of that.

2 replies
AnT avatar
An Ting

@JosephNoonan well, it's on the top so guaranteed to resolve YES...

JosephNoonan avatar
Plasma Ballin'

@AnT It will be an option in the multiple choice question on the survey. It will only resolve to that one if a plurality of people choose it.

evergreenbought Ṁ1 ofKill YES
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Conflux avatar

frankly, if Scott Alexander isn’t showing up, I think we’d all be entitled to an extra hour