Bring a ball pit to Manifest.
No bounty left

I will give the bounty to anyone who can prove that they brought a ball pit to Manifest, thus causing /Conflux/will-manifest-have-an-available-bal to resolve YES. If multiple people are involved in bringing the ball put, I will split the bounty as equally as possible among them. If there is more than one ball pit, the bounty will be increased by 100 mana for each additional ball pit, up to 500 mana, and each ball pit will be worth the same proportion of the bounty.

Caveat: If your ball pit is reportedly unsanitary, you don't get the bounty. Don't let anyone pee in your ball pit!

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i brought the ball pit

How do I subtract mana from a bounty

we really need to stop calling it ManiFest. I went to that a couple times in copenhagen, and it was a good time, but also I don't think that's the optics we want. orrrr this ballpit and peeing thing can go to a whole new level, I guess

Added 1k, let's make #manifestballpit happen

Added 489 to bounty

If I increase the bounty, will I be returned said bounty if there is no ball pit? Or should I make a new bounty (I’m thinking of adding 400 Mana, but don’t want to just lose it if nobody brings one)?