How many of my "Manifold's favorite" markets will correctly predict the winner?
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I've created 14 markets asking, "What is Manifold's favorite X?" that resolve based on a survey where participants can rank each work as "Excellent", "Good", "Okay", "Bad", or "Haven't seen/read/played/heard". From these ratings, I will calculate a score for each work equal to 2*(no. of "Excellent" rankings) + (no. of "Good" rankings) - (no. of "Bad" rankings), and the winner is the work with the highest score.

How many of the markets will have the winner at the highest probability out of any option (except possibly the Other option) when they close? If one of the Manifold's favorite markets ends in a tie, then the market has to have all of the tied winners ahead of any of the other options (except possibly Other) to count as having predicted the winner.

The Manifold's favorites markets are:















If I add any others, they won't count for this market.

See Plasma's Manifold Survey for other questions about the survey.

The survey is officially out! You can take it here:

Get Ṁ500 play money

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The survey is officially out! You can take it here:

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Hana Kim
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Plasma Ballin'bought Ṁ10 of All 14 NO

Currently, the only option that the markets are >50% confident in is Favorite webcomic: XKCD, which suggests that the expected number here is low.