Will the war in Ukraine still be ongoing on Jan 1 2030?

Resolves yes if there is a state of war between Ukraine and Russia or Russian-backed separatists. Unless they have a permanent ceasefire and <10 fatalities per year, like Korea. Regardless of treaties, the war "ends" when there is a 1 year period with <10 combat fatalities.

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If the conflict goes back to how it was in 2021, would it count as "ongoing" or not? I believe there were >10 casualties in 2021 but certainly it was much less active.

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@NikitaSokolsky 2021 would still count as an ongoing conflict

1) any war, or this specific one?

2) is frozen conflict like between Koreas also counting as war?

3) is frozen conflict over specific territory like between Russia and Japan also counting as war?

4) is frozen conflict over specific territory and limited fighting like between China and India also counting as war?

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1) Any war between Ukraine and Russia or Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk

2-4) A frozen conflict would count as "not a war" if there are <10 fatalities in 2029

@JonathanRay Would the situation back in 2015 (separatists only) resolve this as yes?

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@mariopasquato If the separatists are known to still be supported by Russia and the related violence kills 10+ people per year, yes

Still a tactical stalemate, and still both sides have mutually exclusive commitments. Ukraine will never agree to let Russia have Donetsk and Luhansk. Russia will never agree to let Ukraine have Donetsk and Luhansk. Buying YES at 20%.

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