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I'll post some comments whenever I feel like it, each with some entity in mind (maybe inspired by @KongoLandwalker :D )

I'll give you the bounty if you're the first to get it (in replies). I'll be lenient, so if its basically a synonym thats acceptable.

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This item *usually* comes in pairs. It's decoration, and when you see them, they're usually at the same height. It's also a compound word!

This is not common at all. It's for a relatively small community, though the word itself is commonplace with a different meaning all around the english speaking world. You can use it to change numbers in that community, and you get more everyday. In theory, it's right in front of you.

This is known by everyone

It's a favorite of mine

You hold something with one hand, a different thing with the other

You drop the thing in your dominant hand

Well, what is the action being performed? (A little bit of guesswork is involved)

This is actually a video game, so it might be impossible to guess for a large majority of people.

While playing through this video game, you collect a certain fruit.

That's all :D

This is very common. It's sticky, and usually transparent, but not necessarily. You usually get some with a hole in the middle. Is this enough to figure out what it is?

This is known by a lot of people, but it's more specific to the older generation. At least, most of its demographic is probably in the older generation by now.

It's pretty common to see explosions in it. It's more of a visual thing rather than a physical thing. It's name is essentially a synonym to "interstellar journey"