Will Starlink IPO by the end 2023?
resolved Jan 2
This market will resolve to yes if shares of Starlink are available for purchase on Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange, or any other major stock exchange, at any time on or before December 31st, 2023. Jan 13, 10:22pm: #stocks Jan 13, 10:24pm: #IPO
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Resolving this as N/A because, as Edward points out, I made a mistake with the resolution date

@JiaobeiMandos Did you mean to have this resolve at the end of next year? As it is you are asking people to hold their money with you for 12 months post close.

Does this question mean to ask if SpaceX will IPO? Starlink isn't a separate company from SpaceX, it's just the brand name for the internet satellite fleet.
@BoltonBailey When I wrote the question, I was thinking of the case where Starlink gets spun off as a seperate company, but if SpaceX IPOs, that would resolve Yes as well.