At least one Hell Simulation will be constructed by 2080

At least one simulation will be constructed with the primary purpose of indefinitely torturing at least one known or suspected conscious entity by 2080.

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I don’t think we will have the tools to verify subjectivity in another being by 2080, but I think it is possible that we will have the technology at that point to create devastating methods of carrying out mind crimes.

Why are we meming this into existence?

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@Paul That was done a long time ago.

Like forever? Or the rest of their natural life?

Would this only possibly resolve yes if life extension tech was available?

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@Sodra Really means "with an emulated mind", and indefinitely here means they turn it on with no intention of ever turning it off.

Does the simulation have to actually work, or can someone just claim to have created one?

@evergreenemily It has to work, but not necessarily be used. It could exist as a deterrent, for example.

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