Will Manifold open country chapters by September?
closes Oct 1

It resolves if country specific chapters are open.

E.g Perú 🇵🇪 chapter

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DanielTilkin avatar
Daniel Tilkin

@JavierChavez what do you mean by "chapters"?

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JavierChavez avatar
Javier Chavez

@DanielTilkin Good question.

I think about it as the digital version of the branch of an organization.

A module for topics around a specific country (not like the discontinued groups, but they can also serve as a general basic example) that would otherwise get little attention from the general Manifold user base as it would be too narrowly specific.

It’s one thing to ask who will win the next Peruvian election, a question most people can participate in after a search or two, and a different thing is to ask whether a player from a team that’s obscure to the world, but known to Peruvians, will do X.

The traction of that latter question, if asked generally on Manifold will likely be low, while, if asked in the “Perú chapter” (read module), in Spanish, will likely be V high and meaningful to a sliver of people that actually come from, or live in, the region covered by the chapter.

This assumes the chapter has a lead person that leverages MF marketing resources to build awareness, so that people from that community join MF, and then join the chapter within MF.