Will controlled digital lending from libraries be regulated out of existence in the USA before end of 2023 ?
resolved Jan 3

You can't access controlled digitally lent content via any online library

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I can still lend from my local library on Hoopla, so seems like a no

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@TANSTAAFL technically this isn't "regulation", I think? But the market description is broader. 50% sounds right.

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) is an emerging method that allows libraries to loan print books to digital patrons in a “lend like print” fashion. Through CDL, libraries use technical controls to ensure a consistent “owned-to-loaned” ratio, meaning the library circulates the exact number of copies of a specific title it owns, regardless of format, putting controls in place to prevent users from redistributing or copying the digitized version. When CDL is appropriately tailored to reflect print book market conditions and controls are properly implemented, CDL may be permissible under existing copyright law. CDL is not intended to act as a substitute for existing electronic licensing services offered by publishers. Indeed, one significant advantage of CDL is addressing the “Twentieth Century Problem” of older books still under copyright but unlikely ever to be offered digitally by commercial services. From: https://controlleddigitallending.org/

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Internet archive, for example, has been litigating against this for quite a while, and that is just 1 instance. Should that one go wrong in the end, community libraries could follow ?

Is there any reason to think this? Any proposed regulation or news that prompted you to wonder?

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