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Post a comment with a bug you came across and earn mana!

Anything that affects the user experience counts! Even poor design, missing functionality, or specific complaints can count as long as they are things we can fix.

Get M250 if you are first and it's something we want to fix. Get up to M5000 for finding an important bug! Being clear and concise in helping us reproduce the bug also can increase your bounty.

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Selling shares on a market can allow the market to go above 99% or below 1%.

Profit graphs stopped updating again

In the iOS app, the Home view's feed gets stuck in a loading state and "never" loads. This happens so often that I never rely on or use the Home view. Do something about the performance? Or taking it further: is the Home view even needed at all?

In the iOS app, clicking reply to comment triggers a "Reply with comment" tooltip only after you have clicked reply, and it's also obstructing the view of the comment input field. Perhaps disable these kind of tooltips in mobile apps.

In the iOS app, the format text popover you get when selecting text is sometimes covered up by the native Cut, Copy, Paste, Select popover.

This numerical market is currently at 2037 but it's displayed as 2190 in my Trades overview. Bug?

also: in the iOS app, needless amount of padding added to embedded images like the one in this comment.

nevermind (see replies for details)

I am missing limit orders for sales.

I created a new account for a bot and the account started with a balance of -M787. I thought it may have been temporary glitch but seems to be persisting several days later.

Sometimes the payout section on resolved markets appears twice

not sure whether this bounty list is monitored but I put something in the Bugs channel as well: for a week or more, I don't get notifications of new answers in MC markets where I hold a position. I do get them for my own markets.

In case the bunny logo was intended for Easter, maybe worth mentioning that for me it first appeared after Easter Sunday was already over.

Reports of my net worth differing by >1400M.