Will Cristiano Ronaldo play in any future World Cup match before announcing his retirement?

Resolves YES immediately if Cristiano Ronaldo plays for any length of time in any match of a future FIFA World Cup (presumably, for Portugal) without having made an announcement confirming his retirement (at any point).

Resolves NO immediately if he announces his retirement, retires (even without making an announcement), or if it becomes unambiguously clear that he will not be able to play again (despite no official statement).

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With the wording in the question, I would assume that
1) him announcing he'll quit after WC 2026,
2) playing several matches,
3) then retires after the WC as promised,
should count as NO?

@HenriThunberg Good point. You're right--in that scenario, given the question's phrasing, I believe it should resolve NO. I will update the description to explicitly safeguard this case.

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