Will the Dan Stock market be at 75% or above on June 1st?
resolved Sep 9

This market resolves based on the price of /memestiny/dan-stock-permanent at the exact close date of this market.

For a version of this market that's harder to manipulate, see /IsaacKing/will-the-dan-stock-market-average-7

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Would someone mind doing the math and confirming how this should resolve? I know that the "stock" market type is just an obfuscated binary market, but I don't know the details of the conversion.

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@IsaacKing an employee did the math here: https://manifold.markets/memestiny/dan-stock-permanent#G7zB6XjKbatydN4XWWys.

75% should be 549 and the lowest i see on the timeline is 779.

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yo @IsaacKing can you resolve this na or something ?

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@AkaJusten this must be resolved to Yes. In this comment an admin explained that 75% equals 549 mana stock price: https://manifold.markets/memestiny/dan-stock-permanent#G7zB6XjKbatydN4XWWys

And the stock didn't drop that far on that day.

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@Agh guess your right, i wont say no ;)

Just as a warning to other traders: Somebody with a lot of mana could easily manipulate the Dan stock last second and flip the result of this bet.

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@Aghgg2 tbh one person would have the power to move it a few solid percentages down with Ṁ100

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This question doesn't make much sense DesTiny would have to check the market at the exact moment it closes to know if it is above or below the required amount asked. But then let's say the market is below 75% most of the time and goes above 75% for a minute as the market is closing does it count?

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@Aghgg2 Just make a market about whether this will happen or not to lower the risk of this possibility

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@goldenes56 does that really help?

@Aghgg2 Good point. Here's a version that's harder to manipulate:

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