Will Python make a πthon joke for release version 3.14?


Any pi-related jokes or references count, even if it's not specifically to rename the language to "πthon" or "Pi-thon". Any "official" python website counts, including python.org, pycon.org, pyfound.blogspot.com, and the main Github repository. I'll even count a tweet by @ThePSF or the Pycon account.

It must be something that represents the organization as a whole; not an individual developer or forum moderator making a single post on their personal blog or something. It also must be public; an email sent out to their mailing list does not count.

Unfortunately it looks like new releases always come out in October, so it's unlikely to release on Pi day. But if they're bold enough to do it, that would count too. So would a minor release with a suspiciously large number of significant digits, such as Python 3.14.159.

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