Will I go to hell when I die?
closes 9999

Resolves YES if I die and find myself in hell. Resolves NO if I die and find myself elsewhere. Resolves N/A if I die and it cannot be reliably determined where my soul is located.

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Mira avatar
Mirapredicts YES

@stony Jesus only got 3 days. That's not enough to pay for Isaac's eternity.

stony avatar
pessimismpredicts YES

@Mira 😂.

Jesus' suffering was sufficient for all...

Mira avatar
Mirapredicts YES

@stony Jesus the original utility monster.

ForrestTaylor avatar
Forrest Taylorbought Ṁ0 of NO

Depends on whether being rich in Mana counts as actually rich

1 reply
IsaacKing avatar

@ForrestTaylor I think I'm good now.

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firstuserhere avatar

I recommend the Good Omens book to everyone who likes this market :)

ShakedKoplewitz avatar
Shaked Koplewitz

This seems unfair, hell is much more likely to have an internet connection than heaven (but less likely than purgatory, which I imagine is just endless scrolling).

Wobbles avatar
Wobblespredicts NO

Let's say hypothetically you're let into a "heaven" and you're allowed to do one last thing on earth before you go. Would you commit to resolving this market?

3 replies
IsaacKing avatar

@DesTiny Make such a commitment seems unwise.

IsaacKing avatar

@IsaacKing *Making

Really wish I could edit comments.

Wobbles avatar
Wobblespredicts NO

@IsaacKing Not a true manifolder smh

toms avatar
Tom Shlomi

Would being revived from cryonic suspension cause you to resolve this market as no?

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IsaacKing avatar

@TomShlomi It would resolve based on my location while in suspension.

toms avatar
Tom Shlomibought Ṁ100 of NO

@IsaacKing Location of your body?

IsaacKing avatar

@TomShlomi No, mind.

toms avatar
Tom Shlomipredicts NO

@IsaacKing What will you do if you're revived and you have no memory of anything since you died?

IsaacKing avatar


Resolves N/A if I die and it cannot be reliably determined where my soul is located.

Simon1551 avatar
Simonpredicts NO

This is ridiculous not only you're assuming that something such as hell exists and on top of that you think that he is going there after dying? This should be around 20% tops

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IsaacKing avatar

@Simon1551 What's the base rate of people going to hell? Has there been any investigation into this?

MartinRandall avatar
Martin Randallpredicts NO

@IsaacKing the error bars are large. Some theologians claim that nobody will be in hell, eg Rob Bell in Love Wins. Others that almost everyone will, eg anyone with a literal interpretation of Revelations.

IsaacKing avatar

60%? Oof.

degtorad avatar

No one seemed to ask how likely is it for you to be able to resolve this market after you’ve died (or ended up in a hell or anything like that). 😁

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Simon1551 avatar
Simonpredicts NO

@degtorad I think everyone agrees that it's not a serious market obviously we won't where he goes, assuming that people go somewhere after they die. And I'm sure that even if it was a serious market I'm sure most of us won't be using this app by the time he joins the other world. 🤔

IsaacKing avatar

@degtorad That doesn't matter for the market probability. It would only matter if I'm more likely to be able to resolve it YES than NO or vice versa.

Wobbles avatar
Wobblespredicts NO

@IsaacKing I mean it could effect the market's probability. Lets say someone is 99% sure you will go to hell, but they decide to only buy it up to 85% because they think it wouldn't be worth betting against the chance of an n/a resolve as it would mean he wouldn't be able to use it for a long time and not get anything in return. But I guess that applies for most markets