Will I be able to predict my partner better than she can predict me? (M$50 bounty for good questions.)
Nov 7

@TobiasVyseri and I are running an Ideological Turing Test on each other, seeing who's better able to predict the other's responses to questions.

I'll give $M$50 to anyone who proposes a particularly interesting question for us to use in this exercise. (Up to a limit of however many questions we end up wanting.) This is most likely to occur for questions that:

  • Cover a topic on which we both have enough knowledge to have a meaningful opinion. For example, how we'd react to everyday situations, our answers to philosophical questions, questions about Magic: The Gathering tournament policy, etc.

  • Don't cover a topic on which we've had extensive discussion with each other before. (Since we'd already know each other's answers.)

  • Are socially apprppriate. (Touching on personal topics is ok, but I'm not looking for askhole-type stuff.)

For each question, we'll each write up our own answer and our best guess at the other's answer. Then we'll reveal all the answers and come to agreement on who was closer. Whoever scores higher wins this market. (We'll use an odd number of questions so there's no tie.)

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If you could make everyone in the planet agree with you on one small-medium sized thing (how to do x, what do do about y, etc), what would it be?

Life is hard; why do you think continuing to exist is worth it?

With our current lines of work, Edmonton or Victoria?

Vancouver or Seattle?

Toronto or NYC

If we (had to?) adopt a kid, what is the weirdest thing you would want to know about them beforehand?

If you could cut one action we do from our life, what would it be?

One person we know/who?

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@RobertCousineau why do women have a higher EQ than men?

I'm betting this down slightly from 50:50 since from my understanding women are on average somewhat more emotionally perceptive than men; she likely cares more about/is better at thinking about what you say/think/do than you care about/think about what she says/thinks/does.


Not philosophy, more politics X) but a recent discussion I have had is :

Why there is less women in STEM than men in countries which seems more egalitarian (known as the Gender-equality paradox) ? Is the main reason (not the reason that explain everything (because it doesn't exist) but the main one) is more of an intrinsic explanation, i.e. less women are interested in STEM or it is because of something else ?

If possible, write what factors could explain this.

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Is life a constant or a variable

(Constant being a thing that can be predicted for change and by variable i mean something that can change at any moment without any way to figure out how it will change ).

You can also change the question to phrase it better if you want