Will CGP Grey's 1 billion views Q&A video answer any question about trains?
Dec 31


Trains, train parts, or something otherwise closely related to trains must be a main subject of the question, not just an offhand reference.

The question must be one asked by someone else in the Q&A, not a question posed by CGP Grey themselves. It must be featured in the Q&A video, not just asked in the submission forum. In the event there are multiple videos that are all part of the same conceptual Q&A session, I'll count all of them that are on the main channel.

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If this video doesn’t happen in 2023, what will you do?

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@oh Try to figure out whether such a video is ever going to occur, and resolve N/A if not.

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@IsaacKing Looks like he still hasn't hit 1B views, might be time to extend the close date if that's the plan?

What if ‘train’ is being used as a verb?

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@JoshuaB Doesn't count.