Will CGP Grey's 1 billion views Q&A have at least 20,000 questions asked?
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Do we know why the video linked in the description was taken down?

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@IsaacKing No word from Grey as far as I know. He’s not the type of person who explains his actions fully, unfortunately.

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He took down the video! How does this resolve?

@esusatyo Has he taken down the Reddit thread as well? I can’t see it.

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@Noit I think so

@esusatyo What happened? I'm out of the loop. Do we know why the video was taken down?

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@IsaacKing I can’t say for sure, but most likely reason is that people kept asking him about Hello Internet that has been in a hiatus in a while.

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@IsaacKing I’m keen to know your opinion before being further.

@esusatyo So is there just never going to be one?

@IsaacKing My guess is that he grossly overestimated how quickly he’d get to a billion. The thread would have been taking questions for eight months by now. I guess the questions are: when he gets to a billion, does he use the questions he has, or start again? And either way, does he give a count of questions in that video?

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