Will anyone remain in global first place in leagues four times in a row before the end of 2024?

Tied for first counts. I will go by what's displayed on the leagues page. (Any retroactive changes applied by the admins only count if the displayed leagues score changes.) The December 2024 league does count.

So far, first place has been:

  • Season 1: A 17-way tie between NamesAreHard, UFTG, Rasmus, HMYS, Catnee, Semiotic Rivalry, Chris Billington, Genzy, Lorxus Mathfox, Mira, optimusprime, firstuerhere, Gigacasting, Tor Barstad, Jack, Xcomhghall, and Jon Simon.

  • Season 2: A 4-way tie between firstuserhere, Marcus, HMYS, and NamesAreHard.

  • Season 3: Semiotic Rivalry

  • Season 4: PC

  • Season 5: PC

  • Season 6: Not over yet, but probably Joshua

NamesAreHard, firstuserhere, HMYS, and PC are the only people who have held it twice consecutivly so far.

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