If I write an article about how MTG buyers and sellers can use Manifold to keep themselves safe from scams, will at least 20 people join the site due to it?

This kind of thing: /IsaacKing/can-i-be-trusted-to-buy-and-sell-tr

Resolves based on the number of referral bonuses I get from it within 1 month.

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I think i'd be cool if the magic community was larger on manifold. Not so I get more traders on mtg markets...but because...yes

@DesTiny Same!

Where would this article be posted?

@DesTiny On my website, and in various Magic-related forums.

predicts YES

@IsaacKing by your website do you mean your blog or something else

@DesTiny Yes, my blog.

Lets say you get 20 referrals, would you verify every referral to make sure they came from the website, or does this just resolve YES if you get 20 referrals in a certain time frame

@DesTiny I know you kinda answered that in the last sentence but I thought I'd check

@DesTiny If it says they joined to bet on a market I linked in the article, that counts. If it's just a general referral, I'll do my best to figure out where they came from.

@IsaacKing oh yeah, since it tells you the market they signed up on you can basically use that. cool

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