If Destiny sues Lav for defamation, will Destiny win?
resolved Jan 3

Resolves N/A if at the end of 2023 it appears that no such lawsuit will be forthcoming.

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I'm not aware of any lawsuit. Does anyone have evidence that Destiny plans to start one in the near future?

Dunno why people are still trading on this. This is gonna resolve to N/A and therefore revert all profits/losses anyways...

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@Agh I have a bunch of cash and no markets to put it in. I miss the will tiny re-dye his hair and N-word markets. Sad!

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Does this resolve n/a if they settle out of court?

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@jonmast Yeah I think so

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Destiny says in this video https://youtu.be/SigWg4_37yQ?t=1078

I've already spoke to lawyer about this. I think in California there are some statutory damages [...] - it's the types of claims they're being made - [...] I don't necessarily have to prove damages for this type of defamation claim.

Terrible market, how will you close it if he doesnt sue which is the most likely outcome?

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Terrible comment, read the market description.

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