Will any Twitter account with at least 10,000 followers be discovered to be an AI during 2023?
resolved Jan 2

In order to be "discovered" to be an AI, it must not have been publically known prior to the discovery.

Some minor human curating is fine, as is a human tweet here and there, as long as the majority of its engagement-genererating content was AI-generated.

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Anyone aware of this happening?

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@IsaacKing Almost all of these experiments, and the commercial ventures (e.g., turn $100 into $1,000), seem to bank on the catchiness of the idea rather than particularly useful output coming from the model. The advice is just too generic, e.g.,

@Ace Yes, as I said to the people doing this, they may very well make money off the chatbot content, but that is quite different from an LLM making money.

Made another market for larger accounts:

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I would think there are already many such accounts. Anyone with a bot that generates you Stable Diffusion images would count and likely get a lot of followers. Or the "thread reader" bot(I don't know if that's an "AI", but it's a computer program). Or the "dril_gpt2" account made in 2019, I remember the creator filtered dozens of GPT responses for each actual one, but the outputs were generated by a variant of GPT-2 finetuned on dril's tweets.

It must not have been known that it was an AI during its rise to 10k followers.

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