Is Adrian Dittmann (@AdrianDittmann on X) Elon Musk?

Resolves YES/NO if there is conclusive evidence and community consensus that IS/IS NOT Elon Musk.

Resolves N/A if the deadline is reached and the answer is still uncertain.

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I wanna sell my NO shares (261 of them), anyone want to put up a limit order?

I don't have a change of opinion but I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse of dittman news, so it's probably not too smart for me to be in this market.

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@jacksonpolack I saw that, it's just the wording of the message that struck me as really odd. "We appreciate you daily." If he's some random bloke, why is he writing he writing a birthday message like he knows her personally?

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@houstonEuler at this point, making people think he's elon is like, his whole thing. My current take is, he's basically just going along with the joke and/or trying to feed conspiracy theorists like us ;)

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The Office Wig GIF

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dittmann somehow got the scoop on an upcoming twitter feature?

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