More than 50% participation in 2024 European Parliament election?
Jun 11

Will more than 50% of the eligible EU population vote in the 2024 European Parliament Election?

Determined by whatever number shows up on the Wikipedia page as it has for previous elections.
2019 – 50.66%
2014 – 42.54%

2009 – 43.24%

If no EP election happens in 2024 for whatever reason, this question resolves to NO.

I might trade in this market, as resolution is highly unlikely to be ambiguous.

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Wikipedia now has a link here, indicating 51%.

If no objections, and numbers stand in a few days, I'll resolve this to YES.

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Very sorry for not specifying this earlier, but I will resolve by rounded double decimals. E.g. 50.005 or 50.01 would resolve to YES, while 49.994 or 50.00 would resolve to NO.

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