9) Some of the hype and herd mentality behavior that shifted from crypto to AI in 2023 will shift back to crypto in 2024
Dec 31

All these predictions are taken from Forbes/Rob Toews' "10 AI Predictions For 2024".
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Description of this prediction from the article:
It is hard to imagine venture capitalists and technology leaders getting excited about anything other than AI right now. But a year is a long time, and VCs’ “convictions” can shift remarkably quickly.

Crypto is a cyclical industry. It is out of fashion right now, but make no mistake, another big bull run will come—as it did in 2021, and before that in 2017, and before that in 2013. In case you haven’t noticed, after starting the year under $17,000, the price of bitcoin has risen sharply in the past few months, from $25,000 in September to over $40,000 today. A major bitcoin upswing may be in the works, and if it is, plenty of crypto activity and hype will ensue.

A number of well-known venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technologists who today position themselves as “all in” on AI were deeply committed to crypto during the 2021-2022 bull market. If crypto asset prices do come roaring back next year, expect some of them to follow the heat in that direction, just as they followed the heat to AI this year.

(Candidly, it would be a welcome development to see some of the excessive AI hype redirect elsewhere next year.)

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