≥20k trades 3 days in a row on Manifold before Q4 2024?
Oct 1

Happened in January at the beginning of the year, but will 20,000 trades per day happen consistently again before December?

Intentional market manipulation could cause me to make a manual deduction in extreme cases. I.e if large YES holders have also made extreme amount of trades, or created a bot that does so, I would deduct that from the count.

I had traded in this market to begin with, but after adding the above subjective leeway, I won't trade in this market.

Otherwise resolves according to https://manifold.markets/stats.

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Don’t mind me, just making a bot to buy and sell 1 share 20,000 times

@Arky zZzzz added passage on market manipulation to description :)
Are they even counted in stats, though?