Will HPMOR still be sold on Amazon at the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

HPMOR is now on Amazon! The question is... will it remain? I'm part of the group that got it listed: While we have a pretty strong (in our opinions) fair use case, it seems likely that IF Rowling tries to take it down, Amazon will simply do it and not care about our protests.

Resolves YES if I can, at 10PM New Year's Eve PT, order a physical copy of HPMOR and have it arrive to my house (in the USA) in a timely manner. Another condition is that it seems that there's nothing stopping me from ordering 314 books.*

*I mean restrictions on amazon's website... not restrictions like not-having-that-kind-of-money or having-no-place-to-store-314 books. ;)


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Anyone think this should not resolve "NO" right now?

@JonasVollmer I don't have a stake, but "Resolves YES if I can, at 10PM New Year's Eve PT" sounds like explicitly an end-of-year test, even though "still" arguably suggests any break in availability is a NO. So I would weakly suggest it should not resolve "NO" right now.

@JonasVollmer I agree, Amazon has made an extremely definitive statement, so I think this should resolve now. I'll wait a while in case there are objections to an immediate NO resolution. Otherwise, this weekend, I'll resolve NO

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@Heliscone ? It's past the weekend now.

@Eliza Oops, I forgot about it. Sorry about that, I've been using manifold much less lately.

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Looks like it's down

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@Dave_9000ish https://www.amazon.com/Harry-James-Potter-Evans-Verres-Methods-Rationality/dp/B0CM245CH2/

First volume only, or does it have to be the complete set?

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There are lots of HPMoR listings on Amazon that haven't been taken down.

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This book was released under fair use? I'm shocked, I expected there was some deal with JK Rowling. IANAL, but I would be shocked if you had any legal right to sell this according to US law (I have no idea about UK law), this seems to fall very hard outside fair use IMO.