Will the uk have higher tax receipts in 2023 then 2022?
resolved Apr 25

As the government have slashed uk taxs. Will the total tax receipts be higher in 2023 then 2022. According to gov.uk

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Total annual receipts in the tax year 2023 to 2024

HMRC collected £827.7 billion in taxes in 2023 to 2024, an increase of 5.0% from the year before.

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Data is expected April 23rd I believe.

Reopened for trading until then.

@Heaffey Are you active and able to resolve this once data is available?

@SimonGrayson Hey, can you give me insight on this? Is this the page on the creators source I should look at and which section do you all call it in the UK, would it be VAT? Here is the page

@SirCryptomind That's the right page, but I'd base it on the "total annual receipts" figure. VAT is just one of may taxes - Value Added Tax is like a more expansive version of a sales tax.

(They also talk about National Insurance Contributions as though they are different, but that's just another tax as well. The money that comes from NICs are added to the general tax pool rather than held somewhere to draw from in retirement or anything like that.)

The UK tax year starts in April, so that figure of £788.8 billion is from April 2022 to April 2023. It'll obviously be a while until we get April 2023 to April 2024 figures since this tax year is still going on!

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@SirCryptomind I will resolve but i dont think the data is out yet

@Heaffey Would you consider letting me re-open trading and you set a new close date to a time closer to April ?

@SimonGrayson Today I learned...Thank you!

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@SirCryptomind Im not really active on here anymore. So short of just closing out my old markets i dont intend to so much more.

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Nominal or inflation adjusted?

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