Will the Conservative vote at the 2024 General Election be HIGHER than their 2019 European Election result of 9%?
Jul 3

The 2019 European Elections saw the Conservatives poll 9% of the vote, considered the bedrock of Conservative support. Some recent election polls have put them as low as 16%

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A new poll has come out putting the Conservatives on just 18% of the vote, this is currently down 27% on the last general election and only 9% higher than their 2019 European election performance

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Would I be right to assume that YES is "higher" and NO is "lower"?

@Fion If you believe the Conservative vote will be greater than 9%, YES, if lower than 9%, NO

@HarryHayfield Just for your knowledge, this isn't how the sentence works. The way it's worded, YES means either higher or lower, and NO means the same percentage. Reword the title to only ask if it will be higher, and the YES and NO options come naturally

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