Will Nigel Farage stand for Westminster at the election?
resolved Jun 8

Nigel Farage (founder of the Brexit Party, now called Reform UK) has said he will make an announcement on May 23rd as to what he does in the election. If he makes a statement indicating he will see the nomination of Reform UK for a constituency, this question will resolve as YES, if he does not, then it will resolve as NO

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Nigel Farage is the duly nominated candidate for the Reform UK party in the Clacton constituency https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/elections/parl.clacton.2024-07-04/clacton/

Farage speech at 10am, does anyone think he's changed his mind already?

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Farage says he won’t run:


But he’s a known liar, so I’m not going to bet this market down any lower than 20% just yet…

A press conference has been scheduled for 11.00am this morning by Reform UK.

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