Will there be official peace talks involving both Putin and Zelenskyy before Aug 2026?

Resolves YES if both are present (either virtually or physically) in official talks/negotiations in the next 3 years ( ending 13 Aug 2026), otherwise resolves NO.

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Updated the title to be more clear of the end date instead of just ‘in next 3 years’

What about successors if there is a change in leadership of either country? Does it resolve NA if either dies or is removed from power?

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@PipFoweraker This is for those leaders only, if one dies before the end date it will resolve NO as the talks will never happen.

Do they need to be present at the same time?

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@rotatingpaguro They need to be present in the same talks, either personally or virtually. This could be an in person meeting between them, a virtual meeting, or peace talks where they are both present and officially supporting the talks but not necessarily talking direct to one another.

Putin and Zelensky specifically or whoever will be the leaders of the countries?

@rpominov This market/question is for those leaders specifically.

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