Will there be credible reports of Elon Musk seeking Twitter investment at ABOVE the acquisition valuation, in 2023?

Resolution Criteria:

Will resolve YES if

  • Any two credible sources claim that Elon Musk is seeking investment at a higher valuation than he acquired twitter (Must be over $44B)

It is not enough for some to say he is looking for more than $54.20 a share, unless it is also confirmed that the amount of shares is the same (or greater) than at the time of acquisition

Any source here listed as "generally reliable" will automatically be accepted, even if they are repeating reports from another place. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reliable_sources/Perennial_sources

If CNN reports it, and then Forbes report based on the CNN information, it will resolve YES.

If a random person on twitter reports on it, and then a reliable source repeats it, it will only count if the reliable source does not also mention the potential unreliability of the source or preface the claim in other ways.

  • If Elon says it himself, even ambiguously or potentially jokingly, it will resolve yes. He cannot just say "Twitter is worth $100B now", he actually needs to say directly that someone (or the public) are welcome to invest at any level higher than $44B valuation.

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