Will Apple face any non-monetary consequences in United States of America v. Apple Inc.?

The US Department of Justice has just filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Will Apple face any legal consequences because of this other than monetary fines?

("Consequences" only refers to the legal outcome, not eg. reputation harms)

Close date will be extended as long as the case is ongoing.

Resolves NO if the case is dropped.

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Does this include settling for money?

@octothorpe Settling for money would not be included, since that would just be a monetary consequence. Settling for some outcome that isn't monetary (eg. Apple agrees to remove developer fees on the App Store, Apple agrees to change how iMessage works) would be included.

Note that "Apple agrees to remove developer fees on the App Store" does have a primarily monetary consequence on Apple, but it's not just that they're paying a fine and it would have an effect on all of the developers who make apps for the App Store.

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Does this resolve NO or N/A if the case is dropped?

@TonyPepperoni It resolves NO.

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