Will Twitter / X launch peer to peer payments by EOY 2024

Will Twitter / X launch peer to peer payments by the end of 2024? Resolves Yes if it's available in all 50 states, and allows for transfers to/from any state.

Subscription requirement is okay, just has to be available to the general public.

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i am going to go no just because i suspect if it does happen it will have trouble rolling it out to all 50 states in time. like i do not think the twitter team is skilled enough yet to do this

predicts YES

Do crypto payments count as peer to peer payments?

@ConnorMcCormick20a7 No, fiat only

A related question. I also made one similar to this market but without the 50 state thing.

This is a terrible title.

Launch peer to peer payments should not mean "available in all 50 states"

Title should be "Will Twitter / X complete the rollout of peer to peer payments by EOY 2024 (in the US)"

@ConnorMcCormick20a7 Manifold users when they discover the description is used for clarifying the resolution criteria: 🤯

@aashiq Don’t they already support crypto payments?

@ConnorMcCormick20a7 Not that I am aware of. Link?

I'm quite sure Elon wants to do this but I'm skeptical they'll clear all the hurdles by the end of the year.

@AndrewHartman PayPal did it, I'm not asking for a large response from you, but what are the hurdles?

@VAPOR So, short version, it's the challenges of accounting software (dealing with money requires extreme reliability) plus the regulatory hurdles of being cash, which the government would abolish if they could get away with it. Add on top of it that Elon is already semi-unpopular with the ruling class, and while I expect they could accomplish this I doubt it'll happen that fast.

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