Will Apple mention "Google" or "Gemini" at WWDC 2024 (if an AI partnership is announced between Apple and Google)?
resolved Jun 11

Rumours about the upcoming WWDC Apple Event suggest that Apple may announce an AI partnership with Google to implement their use of their proprietary model "Gemini".

Apple following historic events, traditionally hates announcing other companies contributions to their technologies unless absolutely neccecity. Therefore, many speculate, (including the waveform podcast, from which this question was inspired), that Apple will, as part of their contract with Google, specify that they do not have to mention their brands eg. "Powered by Gemini".

NOTE: Resolves YES if Apple mentions "Google", "Gemini", or equivilent. Resolves NO if a partnership is either not announced or "Google", "Gemini" or equivilent are not mentioned.

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Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI in the keynote today but not Google or Gemini and did not mention them in the keynote

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@Ricky30235 https://www.wired.com/story/everything-apple-announced-wwdc-2024/

“In April, rumors emerged that Apple might be partnering with Google to utilize its Gemini AI on iPhones, but that doesn’t seem to have panned out. Instead, Apple is partnering with OpenAI for its first big batch of AI enhancements.”

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If Google or Gemini are mentioned, but there's no partnership announced – does this resolve YES or NO? I think this is low, but existing, probability.

Your last NOTE seems to suggest both YES and NO in my above case.

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I don’t think Apple will partner with Google at all, nor would Google be very interested in a partnership with Apple. It seems unlike Apple to make their software based on something they cannot control, and it seems unlike Google to give something they are probably planning on heavily pushing their phones with to Apple. This whole thing just seems like something someone made up for clicks or whatever and found whatever plausible reasons they could.

@geuber_ yeah your quite possibly right there, the waveform podcast from which this question was taken made the interesting point that is apple is such a walled garden in which privacy is the main concern, that when it comes to creating effective llms they might struggle with the smaller amount of data compared to a company like google who's entire business operates around collecting the data of their users and of the web. My personal though has always been that apple, being Apple will always try and make their own run at something like this, however it will be interesting to see if the rumours are true because I believe they are from fairly credible sources.

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