Will France send troops to Ukraine by the end of 2024?

Troops may be sent in any capacity whether to fight or repair equipment to fulfill the contract.

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What about the Gendarmerie that protect the embassy?

@JimAusman That mission predates the war and this contract. Also, although Gendarmerie is part of the Ministry of Defense they do not have the same mission. I would consider a deployment of the GIGN this year as a troop deployment though.

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They already have, there is evidence in leaked documents and from German chancellor Olaf Scholz. Does this count, or does France have to officially confirm it? I'm guessing France wants to keep this ambiguous for obvious reasons.

@Arky as far as i heard, those are instructors and supervisors. Neither to fight nor to repair.

@KongoLandwalker The description says "any capacity." The creator said in a comment below that even military bodyguards count.

@Arky my english might be bad, but i read it "in any capacity = in any amount of humans", not "for any purpose".

@Arky @FlorentROUFFIGNAC would instructors count towards YES?

@KongoLandwalker I think in this case "in any capacity" means any role would count. Capacity can mean the size / number of something, but the specific phrase "in any capacity" generally means "in any role, regardless of importance"

@Arky I'm not worried about that scenario. Negotiations usually take place on neutral ground anyway.

@FlorentROUFFIGNAC I’m not sure what this means?

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Not going to happen.

@Bart5f6d Time will tell :)

Would uniformed french military leadership going for talks, or military bodyguards protecting French politicians in Ukraine resolve this YES?

@Jwags I would say military personnel assigned as bodyguards is a yes but leadership going for talks would not qualify as a deployment.

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