Will Manifold average >10k Daily Active Users before January 2024?
resolved Jan 1
Resolves to YES if Manifold averages >10k Daily Active Users during a 2 week period before January 1st 2024. DAU data will come from https://manifold.markets/analytics (or equivalent at the time). --- CONTEXT: In their April Seed Round memo, Manifold thinks they need to show a 100x increase in DAU (~10k DAU) to successfully raise a Series A. Manifold estimates they have ~1.5 years of Runway, which is why I picked the Jan 2024 timeframe. By their own estimation, they have around 1.5 years to reach these growth numbers to get further funding and not go under. https://manifoldmarkets.notion.site/Manifold-Markets-Seed-Round-Memo-9936d3f496084a8e913b10aa9f63854f#37544d88a806439cadc46057adf47d29
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Where did the stats page go?

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@cc6 hmmm, I dont see it in the about page anymore, where has it moved?

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@ScipioFabius something something radical transparency


@MarcusAbramovitch Want more? I have limits at 3% and 4%.

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@MartinRandall return ain't worth it

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Made some limit YES orders if anyone wants to recoup their losses.

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Not bailing fully, but guess it's time to adjust for more realistic odds.

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Manifold, oh Manifold
A platform with ambition bold
But will it reach that magic goal
Or will its fate be something cold?

There is no chance but I wish.

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Updated URL is https://manifold.markets/stats for those wondering. Looks fairly flat around 1k for the past month or two.

I kind of want to bid this way down as a hedge but also don't want to convey pessimism!

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Oh there is actually one very important thing we need to clarify for this market. Who counts as a DAU? I know you mention the number in the graph but even that is somewhat up for debate. Currently we have a list of actions that are considered significant (anything that makes a change to the site's ecosystem in some way). @SG has decided that users only count as DAU if that make one of these significant actions. I agree that quantifying DAU this way is the most effective metric to use, but it does lower DAU from what it could be. Over the past month, on average 50.4% of logged in users who visit the site on a given day make a significant action. So if we changed the definition of DAU to include logged in lurkers it would double lol.
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I would consider it a failure on my own part if we weren't to get 10k DAU by the end of Q2 2023 lol
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If there's more than 10 unique betters today, I'll send 100 mana via Manalinks to whoever bets the most on this question today (7/11/2022)