How many children do you think I will likely have by 2030?
Apr 20
0 (no children/childless)
1-2 children
3 children
4 children
6+ children
5 children

I'll provide you with some key details so you can make your guesses more informed. 👍

I am 18-25 years old (not going to explicitly state my age though you may guess) and not married, not dating, nor do I have any kids currently. I would prefer to work on myself before doing any of the aforementioned. Although I do not have any fertility issues as far as I am aware, I would have to get that checked out soon (to make sure of my actual fertility).

As for preferences, I would ideally like a big family (not saying the number). I am not against using artificial reproductive technologies down the line if I should. In fact, I have plans to freeze my eggs in the near future, as it aligns with my long-term goals. Additionally, I am open to ethically hiring a surrogate, should the need arise. I wouldn't be against even hiring a surrogate (assuming it is done ethically) as well. Ideally, I would want to adopt in the future, even through embryo adoption.

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Your age matters a lot though. If you’re 18 in July 2023 you’re 25 by 2030. If you’re 25 then you will be 32. Huge gap.