Will the next leader of Russia after Putin have gotten a western education [in US or Europe (EU)]?

Have spent at least two years in Europe or the US for education.

This resolves when it's clear who the next leader / controller of Moscow is.

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What's your definition for Europe? Geographically, most of major Russian universities are located in Europe.

@JuJumper Apologies, I should have said EU

My point was basically to distinguish between people who are home-language educated vs educated "overseas"

This was based on observing how in China, the distinction between people educated "at home" and overseas is important.

@Ernie there might be some further nitpicks. Is UK education an EU education before and after Brexit? If a country joins EU after or in the middle of the education process, does this count?

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@Ernie New Zealand, Australia count?

@KongoLandwalker hmm, the description does appear to be declaring specific criteria. I was worried about even more border cases like a western-named or formerly western run uni in indonesia, or thailand, or vietnam etc, so I wanted to draw a stark line.

So I think it's better to stick to the exact description. Will update title.

@Ernie I have often met Australia to be in the same bin when talking about "western" anything, so decided to ask.

That is an interesting question, so I have more questions.

Europe is EU, or the whole part of the world? Would education in Ukraine count? Would education in Ukraine count if it will have joined EU by the presidency start or if it has joined before the finish of the person's education?