Name new popular, positive terms for genetic technology use in oneself or one's offspring [2k subsidy]
Intentional Genetic Selection (IGS)
Deliberate Allele Choice (DAC)
Conscious Genetic Elections (CGE)
Voluntary Trait Selection (VTS)
Hereditary Crafting
Directed Elective Variation (DEV)
Guided evolution
Conception freedom
Choose your own Geneventure (CyoG)
Voluntary eugenics (many people will still oppose it as if it was involuntary, but no amount of branding can win them over)
Alleartistry (Alleart)

Multiple answers can YES

note this has to be a positive term, not a scare term like GMO - ooh, we genetically selected corn to... be BIG and not be HARD and bitter... it's been "modified" from its ancestral, barely edible form, round up the usual suspects

anytime by mid 2033 and people can keep adding new ones

I'll nuke ones that I take as not serious or extremely unlikely to catch on

You can add meta but you are at much higher risk of me banning them if I don't think it's productive

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So is the question, "Which ones will catch on by mid-2033?"

Voluntary eugenics (many people will still oppose it as if it was involuntary, but no amount of branding can win them over)
bought Ṁ25 Voluntary eugenics (... NO

Given resolution criteria, I think this is unlikely, unless the overton window shifts dramatically

What's the resolution criteria? Whether it gets used in mainstream news or a dictionary?

@TheAllMemeingEye I'll search on Google trends or something similar and look for a large spike and then some continued usage including in media. It's hard to say now how big it needs to be but in intending to YES new terms which Americans who read popular science books would have heard.

I'm open to improving this criteria but I don't want to limit it to single points like any dictionary or a single journal

In that case, I think all of these should be 1% or less. Why would people start using a new term besides the one that is already familiar, "genetic engineering"?

@TimothyJohnson5c16 It's possible there might be a degree of rebranding/euphemism if that term becomes taboo, but yeah I think even the highest here shouldn't be above 5-10%

Alleartistry (Alleart)

"Alle" alone doesn't refer to alleles. It's just the Greek root for "other", with a random E tacked on instead of the correct O. People in our subculture tend to be very cavalier with etymology and we shouldn't do that.

I'd recommend changing this to "allele artistry (allart)".

@BrunoParga thanks for the opinion. Claude Opus came up with the name. I found it interesting to have it evaluated by the betting market.

bought Ṁ50 Intentional Genetic ... NO

important question will consider

@jim well, it would be important if AGI wasn't so close, but even given that it's an interesting/fun question

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