Manifold API lets me query for my holdings before June 2024
Jun 2

We can already get all the markets, bids etc. But there is no API for being able to get one's own (or someone else's) holdings! Which is surprising!

I'd use it to make these features:

1) Display my portfolio's daily total change, % change, regret, etc.

2) Personal calendar of when markets I'm involved in will close


api link:

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They added which partially solves your problem, as long as you track the markets you care about.

Still no way to find all the markets that are part of your portfolio except iterating them all.

i.e. api/v0/holdings?userId=X&market=Y => {amount: double}

or generic without specifying market, paged

For the purpose of this market, although the goal is achievable indirectly by iterating through all bets, I think a fair reading of the claim is that you should be able to directly query holdings without having to sum them up yourself.

Oh, I also want: highest volume market which you have no holdings in

And obvious ones like finding markets which you should participate in based on your interest as demonstrated by your current holdings, but maybe haven't found yet.

I wish the API had this feature

@NoaNabeshima Thanks! Yeah I dumped all markets to a spreadsheet today but it's not very useful since I can't cross it with my holdings.

I also want to make a "similarity" UI to people whose profile I view - like this embed:

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Although it does have this, which is almost the feature

@NoaNabeshima oh yeah, not bad. I could page through that and sum them up.....

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Idk how this interacts with limit orders and non-binary markets

@NoaNabeshima good stuff. Yeah it's pretty straightforward. I would probably just exclude non-binary markets.

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@StrayClimb added that

@NoaNabeshima cool, got it. I should be able to at least manually run profile similarity scores now. I wonder what kind of metrics to use

maybe sum(intersecting_markets which go same direction) / those which don't go the same direction?

without worrying about weighting at first.

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