iPhone (0%) vs Android (100%) - who uses what? MegaMarket.
Jensen Huang
Sundar Pichai
Vitalik Buterin
Bill Gates
Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Bram Cohen
Demis Hassabis
Lex Fridman
Xi Jinping
Kim Jong Un
Jeff Dean
Isaac King
Geoffrey Hinton
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Dwarkesh Patel
Glenn Shotwell
Emad Mostaque
Ilya Sutskever
Austin (manifold)

Each item will resolve soon after someone posts evidence on what sort of phone they use

Results and their value

  • iPhone= 0%

  • No phone = 50%

  • Both = 50%

  • Other OS = 60%

  • Android = 100%

iPhone can expand to cover all future Apple products. If the evidence is them saying they have tried both but mainly use one, that would not be a mixed resolution. Mixed (non 0/100) only happens when either we see them actually using both, personally, or they say they use both, or simultaneously evidence comes out that after today they have at least for some time, genuinely used both.

Valid evidence

Tweets, photos, videos, etc. It must be about the person's state as of today, February 27, 2024, onwards. It has to be publicly visible. If no evidence comes out, the entry will stay open. If the person passes away, if nothing new comes out I'll NA.


If someone stays on the list for say ten years, we will follow the normal procedure, even though they may have changed brands somewhere in there. We have to get the money out so whichever side finds evidence first would win. There is no end date and I expect the name list will be rolling.

I'll resolve each entry approx 24 hours after submission or slightly later to give the other side the chance to respond.

If you have a serious question about unclarity, I will adjust the description to meet my intentions which are to make something interesting. So please don't bet a ton if you see obvious unclear corner cases. First get clarity then go!

Adding entries:

Please add famous people!

Let the battle begin!

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bought Ṁ1,070 Answer #678667c64382 YES

didnt even know i was on here haha. yes ive been android since the first droid

can resolve me yes

It's weird people go nuts over data privacy when 500 internet trolls can't even figure out what phone OS Sam Altman publicly uses

bought Ṁ70 Answer #db9d5d358d7b NO

@Ernie Here's a picture of Altman from 2017, looks like an iPhone:

Edit: There's also various quotes from 2023 of him talking about having an iPhone.

@Pazzaz good find, but to be clear:

Valid evidence

Tweets, photos, videos, etc. It must be about the person's state as of today, February 27, 2024, onwards.

there's this, https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2023/03/smart-phones.html

I have an email from him from February 26! which I understand is a day too early, I'd post it if that's considered evidence (and if given permission)

I have this screenshot from a private conversation with @Ernie that he is an android user.

(he gave me permission to post this)

If you all add me here I’ll post a photo of my phone showing my profile page when market close.

sold Ṁ68 Answer #7a9f89bc7667 YES

@snarkyalyx I'd imagine that a lot has changed since the iPhone 5 regarding security.

@Athena Android hasn't? The next iOS is always the future of Android 4 years ago.

definitely uses a rotary phone

is this @Joshua?

@Ernie LOL

opened a Ṁ1 Answer #036c13a140c4 YES at 67% order

@Ernie I have the distinct advantage of having watched the super bowl with @Joshua and i don’t recall seeing any apple devices

@mattyb Can confirm I have no apple devices

bought Ṁ500 Answer #036c13a140c4 YES

@Ernie ☝️

any reason Chris recently resolved yes and Joshua has been pending for a few months now?

Ah he just said he doesn't have apple devices. Does he have an android phone tho?

yes lol

Sundar Pichai
bought Ṁ10 Sundar Pichai YES

Routinely wears a Pixel Watch, which only works with Android devices. @Ernie would that count, a photo of him wearing a pixel watch (if taken tomorrow)?

@mattyb yes seems legit

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