An AI product exists with at least 1m credibly claimed regular female users, which interacts romantically and presents itself masculinely, similar to Replika but for women, by June 15 2026

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1m users is hard.

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@Adam yes. It's how many claimed users Replika has. That said the romance novel market is huge

Can you elaborate on what “presents itself masculinely” means for the purposes of a presumably text based ai, does it just have to use a masculine name? Also does that mean that you are specifically looking at if straight women use romantic ai’s?

@bluerat yes I've tried to get that point over. Basically I'm going for whether ai will take over or expand some of the space occupied by romance novels now.

Replika has female users, would that count with enough of them?

@MartinRandall if there were a breakdown by sex and there were enough women users it would count. The goal is to detect whether women get involved in ai romance at scale

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