Amazon lets me rent a server located in earth orbit by mid 2029

through AWS or something else. it should actually be in some kind of orbit or space around the earth. The benefit of this would be things like 1) balancing 2) legal 3) other

By mid 2029

I intend to judge based on what someone in 2024 would think when asked about a future application: "can a customer pay amazon to use a "space-based service" which amazon provides?" note that this is not at all the same as someone paying amazon for space on a rocket amazon is launching. this is more like: log in to aws, select options, click through approvals, undergo testing ,interviews, security, credit checks, background checks etc including waiting a long time... finally, you have permission to deploy something to SPACE.

It has to be something like: deploy a lambda function, deploy an image, ssh in etc. It doesn't have to be a full machine, but it has to be something I can configure and run my own code on, which will be physically actually run in space, and for the reason that that location is better in some meaningful sense. (not just overflow, it's for customers who actually want to run in space). Typical reasons would be something like that it lowers the worst ping time for a set of customers, or that it's extraterritorial to earth so has some legal benefit, etc.

If it's something intermediate like an apigateway in space, i will try to resolve by asking: "would a 2024 software or infra engineer think that the customer is renting a 'server in space'"?

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Maybe a nation state would pay for an isolated network in space but I think a server you can rent and reach from the public Internet is unlikely imho since no businesses have a need for this

i like to tag questions like this as #epicscifi


Servers in space ya'll, it's happening