Will there be an earthquake greater than 6.9 tomorrow in/near Taiwan?
resolved Apr 4

The market will resolve to yes if there is an earthquake beyond a 6.9 tomorrow in Taiwan. The magnitude of the earthquake will be measured from its center.

An earthquake in Taiwan is defined as an earthquake that is at most 100 miles from the main island of Taiwan (doesn't include other smaller islands).

The source for the magnitude measure will be: https://earthquakelist.org

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@Elliot_dev when you wake up, this one should be a NO

I am not purchasing from this market but the reason I am providing these service subsidies is because I am worried about the earthquake happening again as I am currently in Taiwan and will be leaving tomorrow.

@Elliot_dev is this measured in terms of moment magnitude?

@AlQuinn Not sure what that means.

@Elliot_dev the 1999 Taiwan earthquake had both a Richter (Ml) and moment magnitude (Mw) reported, so I'm just clarifying the measuring standard being used. Saying "magnitude" without further specification is like saying "degrees" about temperature without stating whether Fahrenheit, Celsius, of Kelvin. Moment is now the standard so was just making sure

@Elliot_dev and also, different sources for the recent earthquake were very different. Japan says 7.7Mw, Taiwan 7.2Mw, and US says 7.4Mw. I see your source lists it the same strength the US estimate, but anyway, having a specific source settles the ambiguity.

@AlQuinn Japan uses a different scale, so I'm pretty sure their measurement of 7.7 was on that scale: Japan Meteorological Agency magnitude scale - Wikipedia.

But I agree that this needs a specific source.