Which riders will be announced for INEOS Grenadiers for the 2025 season?
Joshua Tarling
Geraint Thomas
Egan Bernal
Filippo Ganna
Tom Pidcock
Thymen Arensman
Jonathan Castroviejo
Ethan Hayter
Connor Swift
Brandon Rivera
Elia Viviani
Cameron Wurf
Remco Evenepoel
Jhonatan Narvaez
Magnus Sheffield

Basic question: Which riders will be announced as riders for the 2025 season with INEOS Grenadiers?

ANNOUNCED. Not signed. Not "wait til they actually ride". This resolves on announcements.

If the team merges, changes sponsor, whatever, this probably still covers the new team. If it is obvious that it should not cover the new team, we can talk about what to do then. If they cease to exist, things will probably resolve No instead of N/A.

For riders on the 2024 roster:

If the team announces an extension publicly for the 2025 season (or longer), resolves Yes promptly. If it is common knowledge that they will ride for the team or have a 2025 contract, that is not enough to resolve yes. It has to be an announcement of a new, longer contract. Example: If Kooij announces an extension to 2027, he resolves Yes promptly.

If a different team announces a signing for 2025, resolves No promptly.

If there is no announcement about 2025, we're going to wait until the UCI website or team otherwise confirms they are on the 2025 squad.

For riders not on the 2024 roster (transfers in):

Resolves Yes if the team announces a signing. Resolves No if some other team announces a signing.

If there is an announcement that would lead to a prompt Yes or No resolution, but there is doubt about the claim or people are unsure of it for some reason, we can wait until it is more clear, even as long as the UCI website or official team roster for 2025. Example: Team accidentally announces on social media then immediately retracts --> Don't resolve yet. Example: Visma claims they signed Cian and Bora immediately counter-claims he's still for them --> Don't resolve yet. (If it resolves before the report is retracted, then a new answer can be created but it will not be unresolved.)

If some rider resolves Yes or No based on the criteria, and then new info comes out that puts that rider in question again, we can add a new option for that player, but we are not going to re-resolve or unresolve the earlier one. For example, if we had resolved Cian Yes for Bora 2024, and then there was word he might be leaving, we would not unresolve that, we would create a new answer for Cian.

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Jhonatan Narvaez
bought Ṁ50 Jhonatan Narvaez NO

Looks like he'll leave. I mean, he beat Pogi, so UAE has to do it.


@Lion Unbelievable. I thought he was going to have the world's best rivalry with Pogacar but instead he is absorbed into the machine. I hope it's false. I'm buying some Yes.

@Eliza Yeah, Ciro isn't always reliable, but I think Narvaez is on the market, and I don't think Ineos will hold him. If it isn't UAE, I think he'll switch to another team.

@Lion Perfect. My market is working!

@Eliza wait, what?

@Lion All I had to do was make this market and now people are bringing me the news. 📈 Plus, it's going to all be contained in one place when it's all said and done.

@Eliza just spend more time on X 🤣

bought Ṁ5 Tom Pidcock NO

@egroj another Red Bull athlete that could go to Bora...

bought Ṁ10 Elia Viviani NO

@Lion pls, Ineos, pls, I beg you

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